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We strive to spread the joys of music in our community!

We don’t just teach how to play an instrument and read music. We increase student's memory while helping to improving coordination, math, reading and comprehension skills

In band, students learn perseverance with a valuable sense of achievement and, while experiencing rich culture and history, learn a strong sense of responsibility.  Even though we all know music nurtures self-expression, it’s important to remember it also improves student’s listening and social skills.

Both Advanced, Intermediate and Beginning students  integrate with each other and perform as an inspirationally powerful ensemble, demonstrating the true power music has to unite us all.


While we know what does and doesn't work in a program and have tested out many different methods over the years, we still custom tailor our programs to fit individual school needs, as each community is different and requires special attention. 

Modern Minded is not just an outside group that comes in to teach you how to play an instrument, we are the mentors and coaches that are here to lead you as you discover the joys of music. Our programs do not only enrich the lives of its' participants, but it breathes new life into its' immediate environment by filling the halls with song.

In Choir, we focus on: Proper technique, singing in a group and in parts, proper breathing, annunciation, and singing a wide range of genres. Choir is tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the site. It is also a fun experience for all involved and the lessons learned last a lifetime.​


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